Monday, 2 January 2012


 I have always been one for grandiose New Year resolutions.  However, in the last few years I've been downsizing my resolves. I'm not sure if it's because I'm more content with who I've become or if I've basically just given up on myself.

Last year's resolution was "eat the old stuff from the cupboards". The year before was "floss". The year before that it was "try to not wear sweatpants before 5 pm". "Aim Low and Ye Shall Not be Disappointed" will be my epitaph.

So, how strange it was to find myself on this morning's dog walk suddenly making resolutions. Resolutions. And more than mere resolutions - making cute resolution acronyms out of those various resolutions. By the end of the walk I'd resolved to fill 2012 with:

or, more accurately

P for Production!
E  for Education!
for Promotion!

(I'd really hoped to find good resolutions to make my acronym "PEE" but it just wasn't working and seemed a bit unprofessional).

So this is the year for real creative goal-setting. I hope to be sharing some of my ideas and work in this year of PEPpy book arts. I don't have any right now though. I do, however, have a nice picture of today's haul of beach glass. There's been a stiff north wind for the last day or so and it's uncovered quite a harmoniously-coloured offering. I paired it up with a great piece of weathered blue bubble wrap found yesterday that is decidedly reptilian. I have a project in mind for that piece of plastic. There, see. PEP is already working for me!

So, have you made your creative resolutions yet? Let me hear your perky acronyms. Betcha don't have any. Not as good as mine.

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  1. Last year my resolution was to burn candles instead of saving them. All those 'pretty-type' candles that just sat around collecting dust, I burned 'em. Except for the stinky ones that were gifts, which were chucked. This year there are a few of them but only one is really work is to spend less time on the internet researching ways to be creative and actually just BE creative with my time. But I have to go read up on it on wikipedia...see ya!