Monday, 19 November 2012


Late autumn on the beach is perhaps more visually arresting than a perfect summer day.

The charming yet durable beach pea has withered, and large banks of seaweed mound on the shoreline. The far-as-the-eye-can-see roses are gone, save an ambitious late-bloomer or two. They leave a stunning legacy - the mellowest of deep orange foliage studded with apple-crimson rose hips. Wow. Talk about going out in a blaze of glory.

The winter's firewood is on it's way into the crib, hopefully stacked before the first snow. We're ready. Almost.

In the midst of these acts of hibernation prep I've been recreating carefree summer days at the beach in my 2013 calendar "Shoreplay". The theme is just that - playing with things I've found at the shore. Finally, a use for the baskets and  more baskets and  more bigger baskets of shells, driftwood and 
beach glass. I just knew they'd come in handy some day
 (in another room I can hear my husband's eyes roll)...

Boy, I had SUCH FUN making this calendar. At the end I decided I had missed my career calling as a "shell stylist". If you see any want ads for this job please let me know. I can make a shell do almost anything. Smile for the camera, baby.

The end product is this:

2 sizes of desk calendars. 

The larger one is 4 x 7. The smaller one is a business-card sized teeny tiny pocket desk calendar. 
They come in a plastic case that folds backwards into a stand, thusly:

Each month has a different shell or beach find posing attractively for the camera. Here are a few of 'em:

The large calendar is $20. It comes with a lovely cardboard mailer box which goes through the mail slot  with letter postage rates. 
Handy for gifts that need mailing. The tiny calendar is $10. 
They are freshly back from the printer and I do hope you'll consider them when you're planning your gift-giving this season. 
I can mail any quantity anywhere anytime!
Operators are standing by ready to take your call.

I've also done a line of notecards based on these images:

Again, $20 for a set of 5 or 6. Depends on the day.

I also have fridge magnets! And 8 x 10 reproductions of some of the images. Oh, and Christmas Cards: 

Operators. Standing by. 

In the meantime, I'm getting ready for the one and only craft show I do. 
Come Friday November 30th I'll move my calendars, a mile of Christmas lights, a tandem load of shells, and myself into this space

in the loft at the Cape Breton Centre for Craft and Design.

The event is called 
Holiday Spirit

It's a wonderful night of craft shopping, craftinis and canap├ęs. 
The following two days are devoted to a free-admission craft show. 
It's a twee little bijou craft show. Small, select and intimate. 
If you're able to come, please do come by and say hello. If you can prove you've read my blog by remembering this secret password:


...then you'll be able to claim a free gift! Wow!

So please do drop by Holiday Spirit or email me at if you'd like me to send you calendars, cards, fridge magnets or 8 x 10 prints. 

Remember, only 27 days 'til Christmas.

(Okay, that's a fib. Just trying to induce some panicked buying).

Hope to see you at the show!

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  1. My god! One feels like such a plodder after viewing this. Amazing work, sister. Will some of it automatically make its way to me at Christmas or must I take active steps for same?