Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Dark Side of the Moonsnail

Who doesn't love the Moonsnail? Who can resist the geometric perfection of this elegant gastropod?
 I can't. I've been obsessed with collecting, photographing, drawing, casting, glueing and generally fawning over Lunatia Heros since I arrived in Cape Breton.

Lunatia Heros has been the star in shell mosaic frames that I once made in profusion:

She/he/it has inspired poetry:

...and other little books

...and boxes....

and more boxes...

....and cast paper  collages...

...and more recently...he/she/it/they have been the molluscs-of-the-month for 2 months in my 2013 calendar:

Meet Miss August


                                                 and Mr. October

Let's face it. 

Moosnails are nippleicious

They cast shadows that make us want to titter a bit, 
quietly, to ourselves. 
(Oh my. Did I say titter?)

See what I mean.

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